Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gratitude for good friends

I kind of feel bad that my readers think I live in a horrible ward, when I really don't. Even the worst of my ward members still have the best of intentions.

Day-to-day events today reminded me of all the great friends I have here and the little things that mean so much to me, so I started making a mental list of some of those things.

I am grateful for ward members who...

* Take my son to soccer practice and trust me to take their sons as well.
* Text me to remind me of cub scouting events.
* Offer for my daughter to join the youth symphony carpool, even though I only help on occaison when one of the other two families involved need a substitute.
* Drop by with cards and treats and time to visit even though they do not have a calling that obligates them to do so.
* Buy me cool things that remind them of me, like an apple-shaped pin painted in rainbow colors. :)
* Move our garbage and recycling bins on and off the street when our kids (or us) forget!
* Insist on returning baby clothes to us that we gave to them with no intention of getting them back, even though they are also expecting a baby boy in the near future.

I'm sure I've missed remembering a few things. I know many of them pray for us and hope for the best for us, even if they are too awkward about things to start honest conversations that let me know they really care, or offer us advice we don't want to hear ( like "keep praying about it and you will get an answer that the church is doing God's will with regards to gay marriage"), or talk to the bishop about their concerns with our blogs instead of directly to us.

Still, for the most part I am grateful, and I am going to try harder to recognize the efforts and the good within their hearts, and I am going to pray and try harder to forgive those who have hurt us, hoping that they will also try harder to soften their hearts and to understand and accept us for who we are.

Isn't that what life is really all about? Making mistakes and learning from them and trying harder just to love one another as our Savior asked us to do? I believe so.

I hope they will forgive me for anything I have written in this blog that has hurt any of them. But this is an honest recording of my journey, for myself and others to learn from, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Please forgive me for being publicly honest. Love you all. Thanks for being my neighbors and friends.

P.S. I still would like to know who in the ward is reading my blog, please. :D


me said...

Have you yet decided on a boy's name?

Hope you are feeling well. And, that teaching is going alright.

Bishop said...

Hi Sarah. Just checking in. Thank you for the kind words. I'm reading from time to time. I think one of the best ways to help us all help you is to tell us how (maybe in a non-public forum). I think we are starting to understand what doesn't work. Please know the motivations are always love and concern.

Sarah said...

Me, do I know you? The motorcycle picture makes me wonder. No, as you can tell from my new poll, no definite name yet. I feel lousy most of the time, but school is good and forces me to forget about my stomach and my life and actually accomplish something.

Bishop, welcome to my blog and thanks for letting me know. I wondered if you had decided to start reading it yourself yet. I know you are busy, so I appreciate your efforts to understand.