Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Highlights of the week

I keep meaning to blog about things that are going on, and there are just too many other things to do, naps to take, blogs to read and argue on, etc...

So, here I am going to piece together a few things, and hope that the words will flow...

Friday we went to Lagoon with Scott's brother, wife, and two children. They were in town from out of state. We weren't sure if they would want to hang out with us or not, considering we haven't seen them since Scott came out. But they really wanted us to come, and when we weren't sure because of the money, they offered to buy our tickets for us. We really did have a good time, it wasn't awkward at all, the weather was beautiful for a change, and the kids had an absolute blast with their cousins. Scott was maybe a little frustrated that his brother didn't talk to him at all about the issue, especially since he had sent him an email a few days before they arrived regarding the fact that our family is very open about everything, and that there was no guarantee that one of our kids might say something to one of their kids, whom they don't want to know about their gay uncle just yet. But I didn't expect anything to be said, so I was just grateful that we were able to have fun together.

Saturday we took our daycare provider (not a member of the church) and her family (LDS, but husband has never been through the temple, 2 kids have been baptized) to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. She asked me about the Draper temple open house a few months ago, but never ended up going. So, before I made reservations for Oquirrh Mountain, I asked her if she wanted to go with us. She was delighted. I have to brag that I actually followed my Stake President's counsel on this one. During the Draper open house, he spoke in our Sacrament meeting, and encouraged us to not only attend the open house, but invite non-member neighbors to go with us. Done. :)

Anyway, it was a cool experience because our friend was asking so many questions. She really wants to attend the dedication, and was disappointed to find out that she can't go, but that the rest of her family can. I know she had the missionary discussions a couple of years ago, but it never went beyond that. Meanwhile, her husband, who was unable to baptize their older child, was able to baptize the younger one. It has been neat to see the changes in him since they moved into the neighborhood. I adore her. She has been a great daycare provider for 2 of our children over the past few years, and I feel so blessed that it has worked out so well. She is a wonderful person and I have no doubt that God is pleased with her, regardless of whether she ever joins the church.

At the Draper temple open house, we were with my parents, and my Dad is somewhat cynical about temples and such (even though he has a recommend) and he always likes to get on with things. He would never linger in a sealing room, gazing in the mirrors that reflect forever, and answering questions about sealings. But that is what we were able to do with our neighbors, and I realized again just how much I love the temple and how much I know about it, how blessed I am to be able to attend things like the dedication. Seeing her excitement and curiosity helped me to be less cynical and more grateful for the church in my life.

Sunday our whole family finally attended all 3 hours of church together. Scott even went to part of priesthood meeting when he saw the Relief Society president and her secretary enter the building with donuts and milk for fathers' day. :)

Scott was released from his calling as membership clerk. Actually, someone else was sustained as the new clerk, so then I guess there were 2 clerks for a few minutes. Then a member of the bishopric reminded the high councilman of his error, and he had to stand again to give Scott a vote of thanks. It made it even more obvious that the change was happening, and I'm sure made some people go "hmmm". Whatever. I try not to care what people think.

A discussion in Sunday School about church revelation trumping personal experience and science bothered me a bit, but it was also fun to talk about learning, and how important things like math are to our preparation in this life. :) The teacher caught me off guard by asking my opinion about how math fits into the grand scheme of things. I shared thoughts about a class I had in college where we actually discussed whether or not we thought math was created or discovered. By the end of the course, I had a pretty strong belief that math is discovered by man. It simply exists in the universe as the universal language of science, and we have discovered over thousands of years just how it works. I believe that those of us who become Gods and Goddesses will need math to create worlds, place them the right distance from the sun on just the right tilt, etc. But I also believe that if we do need it, we will be able to learn it in the next life as well, so don't panic! Hopefully math anxiety doesn't exist in heaven!

My "favorite" teacher gave the lesson in Relief Society on temples, and it was pleasant and fairly benign. I tolerate her lessons while praying to feel the spirit and be less judgmental of her. It made me laugh inside when after the lesson I overheard another lady tell her that she could listen to her the whole 3 hours. Please spare me! :) Honestly, though, I am glad that other sisters in the ward are uplifted by her lessons. We are all different, and that is a good thing.

Monday I had the opportunity to attend "Cub Country" with my cub scout-aged son. I am not a scout leader, but they needed another adult to go and asked me if I would. I enjoyed having a few minutes to reflect on the beauty of God's creations and His spirit that I always feel in the mountains, with the trees and the sun shining and the breeze blowing and the children running...oh wait, scratch that last thing. :) Just kidding. I did find out why everyone always tells us that our children are so good, because compared to other children, they are angels. :) We needed either a leash or a shock collar on one of the boys so that he would stay nearby. He kept wandering off without telling us. And the other leader and I walked twice as far as needed to fetch a bag for one of the boys that he kept leaving at the previous activity. Fun was had by all, but I was glad I did not have to go back today as I rested my sore muscles and bruised behind (since I fell on some rocks at the end of the day.)

The best part of the day was the drive home. The scout leader that I was helping asked me sincerely how Scott and I are doing. One question led to another, and I ended up telling her a bit about how we feel in the ward, that we get the feeling that there are people (including our bishop) who would just as soon we stopped coming to church so that they don't have to worry about what we might say. She was an amazing listener and so supportive. A few months ago, she came to our house for something, and she outright told Scott how impressed she was by his "coming out" testimony and she started asking us questions. We were delighted that she cared. She borrowed a copy of "No More Goodbyes" and read it. I have not really had an in-depth conversation with her since. It was awesome, and as I dropped her off at her car, I hugged and thanked her for caring about us, and for being so Christ-like.

Now that I have bored you with the details of my life, I will sign off. I will just end by saying that I am grateful to be blessed with a wonderful husband, awesome children, the best friends ever, extended family that really are making an effort to show their love and try to understand, the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and the spirit of the Lord in my heart.


Hidden said...

Awwww... my return sunday night didn't warrant a highlight. :(

(just kidding, I know you love me!)

Yudanashi said...

Moving day?

Sarah said...

ok, ok, so I forgot a couple things:

First, our 11 year old son had to give a talk in Primary, and he *almost* used "Rainbows and Dads", but then he chickened out. :)

Second, Yudanashi was nice enough to help us move our old couches downstairs and new furniture in its place, and a new grill out on the deck. Yes, Scott got spoiled for Fathers' day. You'll all have to come to our party and check it out.

Third, it was very nice to have our house guest, Hidden, come back and tell us about his adventures in Provo over the last couple of weeks. Now he is off to a family reunion (God bless him to endure his parents!) and will be back to stay for a while on Friday. I look forward to putting him to work on cleaning the house and helping me scrapbook during the month of July.

There. Happy, you two?

Anonymous said...

"She was an amazing listener and so supportive"....isn't that the key? That they listen with interest and don't try to "fix us"!! What a blessing people like that are in our lives. Makes getting up each day, worthwhile. I'm glad you had a week of such positive experiences.


Sarah said...

Alanna, that is exactly the key. Thanks for your comment.

Another lady in the ward actually talked to me about things on Wednesday when I was working at a church welfare assignment. She said she had noticed that Scott seems withdrawn at church, and she said she was worried about him and wondered if he was okay. That spurred on another wonderful and supportive conversation.