Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sign the petition...

...at http://www.ldsapology.org/

For more information, see a Deseret News article about it.

After reading through the comments this morning, it never ceases to amaze me how some people are SOOO convinced that homosexuality is a choice.

One man mentioned that he has a son with SSA, but he is not a homosexual unless he acts on it. Is this a common view?

I decided to comment and my comments were not published. I then sent a comment addressed to the moderator, and then I edited the comment to remove my use of the word "hell" in a couple of places (in the context of "gay Mormons go through hell") and they finally published my comment. My comment begins in response to the first comment, which received a lot of bashing:

The referred-to web site LDS apology is excellent, and I hope helps with reconciliation.

But I can't forget that my neighbor's grandson committed suicide when the church rejected him for being gay. The church has blood on its hands.

Here is what I said:

LDS apology, I agree! The church has thousands of suicides, trials of wives and children, not to mention the horrors of day to day living for many, many gay Mormons.

I am the wife of a gay Mormon man. We have 4 children. We struggle with but continue to be active in the church.

Many men marry because the church used to teach it would "fix" them. They have no consideration for the family of such a man.

I have many gay friends and see the struggles they go through each day as their active LDS family and friends disown them, regardless of their behavior (even if they are living church standards). How Christlike is that?

As members of the church we are not to follow our leaders blindly.

From Brigham Young: “The greatest fear I have is that the people of this Church will accept what we say as the will of the Lord without first praying about it and getting the witness within their own hearts that what we say is the word of the Lord.”

I plead with most of the commentators here to be more Christ-like and pray to fully understand this issue.

I refuse to go back and read more comments, especially if anyone has responded to me. That has gotten me in trouble before. And I have already had enough virtual arguments today without doing that. :)


HappyOrganist said...

hmm.. I am often amazed at how little I'm aware of all of this stuff. Not like I had any reason to be aware of this kind of thing in the past. And I never follow politics of any sort, really..
but yeah, it is quite interesting to follow all of this (a bit) as it's presented by people like you (and the others in this little community here).
Thank you.

[even if I disagree, I do appreciate seeing/hearing and being enlightened as to some of your struggles]
[go have a daiquiri. that'll make you feel better. always works for me]

Trevor said...

I just signed it! And I read that Deseret News article as well. I had to stop reading the comments because I was afraid my head was going to explode! It just amazes me how many people have misconceptions about this issue and aren't even willing to try to understand the other side. I'm glad you were able to interject some sense into the comments

Bror said...

Wow, talk about ignorance at its best. I can't believe all the people who think being gay is a choice. I too had to stop reading the comments.

Matt said...

I enjoyed the FMH thread on this, but I was sad that no one responded to comment eighty-five.

Beck said...

I made it through most of the comments. Quite an amazing, eye-opening view of how people view me and "my kind".

Do I really believe Heavenly Father views me that way as so many do in that trail of comments? I most certainly do not!

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Beck, I'm glad you know how God views you. The thing that concerns me is that other people read that crap and think that it is the way all Mormons feel and it widens the rift between the gay and Mormon communities. And I hate to think that it could possibly influence others to go out and kill themselves.

There must be certain types of people that comment on things like this, because in my experience, most Mormons are not so ignorant and hateful.