Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sesame Street Marriage

I was browsing through the site the other day and came across this video clip that I thought was noteworthy. Enjoy!


HappyOrganist said...

Sarah, I like the changes you've made (color/style). Very nice. ;-)

Over the Rainbow said...

The four year old I was babysitting tonight was playing barbies with me (which made his traditions parents nervous- he found mom's old barbies and asked me to play with him) and he dressed up the girls (there were no Ken dolls) and said that two of them were getting married to each other.

This boy is from a fairly conservative LDS family and I loved the light and equality found in his young spirit. Maybe the idea of marriage being between a man and a woman is learned and cultural, not the instinctual definition.

Sarah said...

Organist--Thanks! I like my changes too. I especially like how my new banner turned out!

OTR--thank you for sharing! How timely and appropriate to go with this blog post.