Sunday, June 28, 2009

Plan for FHE

For those of you who were interested in attending FHE at our home, we have finally hammered out a few details. So stay tuned...

But first, a quick story...

A few days ago we got together with another MOM couple (mixed orientation marriage). We've done this several times with one or two other couples and our kids, and it is always a lot of fun. We have kind of been doing them on a monthly basis, but we want to make it more definite so that others can plan ahead and join us! Anyway, more about that later as well...

On our way home, we were driving through Pleasant Grove and we saw this sign:

The next day I was driving somewhere with my 11 year old son and we saw a "dip" sign just outside of our neighborhood. My son and I talked about putting stickers on that sign to make it like the other one. Then he asked:

"Mom, is that really your blog name? Why would someone have put that on the sign? Do you think someone else uses "Serendipity" as their blog name?"

Me: Definitely. I didn't just make up the name. It is a real word with a real meaning.

Him: Oh, really? What does it mean?

I explained that it means accidentally discovering something that is good when you are looking for something else.

Him: So, the fact that we found that sign while we were looking for the freeway to get home is Serendipity?!

Me: Yes, I guess it is. Way to use a new vocabulary word!

I told him I should blog about our conversation, so there it is.

I love it when serendipity happens when I am in a church class or when I am reading my scriptures. I might be looking for something else, and find a treasure of wisdom that I never would have found otherwise! That hasn't happened to me for a while, well, because I'm not very good at studying my scriptures sometimes. I spend too much time on blogs and facebook because I love you all so much!

So, what if I could motivate myself to scripture study by preparing to discuss a topic with some of you? I am excited at the possibilities with this, and I hope that some of you are, too, because a discussion with just Scott and I could be pretty boring. ;) Actually, he and I discuss things all the time, but it would be great to have additional, outside input.

So, today while he and I sluffed Sunday School, we hammered out a plan. Here are events that are already on the calendar:

1st Monday of the month, of course, is reserved for the Matis Fireside. We hope they are able to continue with those soon, because we know they mean a lot to a lot of you.

Last Saturday of the month is our party. We will leave that in place, with the exception that we are going to have to skip July due to family vacation, GSA training at the pride center, and a family reunion. We will resume in August--a back to school party!

Anyway, here is the proposal:

2nd Saturday of the month we will have a Family Home Evening of sorts for adults only-- not that we will discuss stuff inappropriate for children; just that I thought it would be nice to have a gospel discussion free from interruption. We will start this at our house on Saturday, July 11 at 7 p.m. (Mountain Daylight Time). Please submit suggestions for a topic of discussion by commenting on this post. Then, in a week, I will post the chosen topic so that any of you who want to prepare to contribute will have the time to do so. At the event itself, we will probably choose a topic, a different location (if desired), make assignments for treats and whatever else for the next meeting. Also, Scott will work on some sort of conferencing option for those who are out of town to join us.

On the 3rd Saturday of the month (if this works, we thought Friday or Saturday would be best) we will have a MOM get-together. While the weather is good, we will meet at an awesome park in Pleasant Grove at about 6:30, bring your own picnic dinner and a snack and games to share, if desired. (Email Kengo or me if you want to offer suggestions, such as the best day and time, etc.)

The following Monday, we will have another FHE, but this time families are invited. At the very least, our children will be here, so as we take turns giving lessons, we need to keep in mind teaching and keeping the attention of my 13, 11, 8, and 4 year olds. Thanks! (Sometimes this will be the 3rd Monday, sometimes the 4th--so the July one would be July 20th, although we might be on vacation at that point, so we will have to finalize that one later, I guess. Stay tuned!)

Okay, so if you are interested in any or all of the above, comment or email and let me know (email is in my profile). If you have any suggestions or want to propose changes to any of these tentative plans, please contribute!

I know we are making our already crazy lives even crazier, but I am really excited! I hope some of you are too!


HappyOrganist said...

that sounds like a Lot of work !
have fun. ;-)

Captain Midnight said...

I saw that sign once and thought of you. Haha.

Ron Schow said...

I like the plans and will try to attend the last Sat party and the 2nd Sat FHE. As for Sat, July 11 or on one of the FHE nights in the next few months, I suggest the topic of Fellowship. Specifically, I think of the scripture, "Ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the Saints, and of the fellowship of God." I think we could discuss how we can work toward welcoming and finding a place for gays in the Church and where we are in that process.

Ezra said...

You and Scott continue to amaze me with your fellow-shipping efforts.

Sarah said...

HappyO, I will, thanks! I am just going to stop worrying about having a clean house before people come over.

CM, you should have told me about it! (but then I guess it would not have been serendipitous to find it!)

Ron, thanks for the RSVP and the suggestion.

Ezra, me too. I think we both must be totally insane. ;)

Ron Schow said...

I was in a rush and didn't look up the scripture. Here is the accurate version.

Eph. 2: 19
19 Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints, and of the household of God;

The Wife said...

Wow you guys are ambitious! We wish we could be there with everyone. Let us know if the conferencing for the out-of-state-ers works, and we'll be there, huddled around our computer!

HappyOrganist said...

Sarah, don't worry about keeping a clean house (i don't). Although my therapist says it sounds like I'm depressed. (little twit)

Ok - I had to run this joke by you (I ran it by my mother, a comp. programmer).
"Why can't you cross a mountain climber with a mosquito?"
Ans: you can't cross a scalar with a vector. ;-)

Have you heard that one before? I hadn't. C had. He was one of the few on his message board who got it.
[why is a mosquito a vector?]. That's what most people get hung up on (myself included).
Anyway, there's the joke.
Hope it's funny (I liked it).

Yeah, don't worry about a clean house.