Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rainbows and Dads

Our 8 year old son had an assignment to give a talk in primary today. The topic was something about being born into a family. He and I looked through The Friend last night, but then I didn't know if he wanted to use it or not, so on my way out the door this morning I grabbed some little books we have inherited (or borrowed indefinitely) from Scott's parents that are full of short talks and poems for LDS children to use as talks.

This son and I went to the church early (I had a short choir practice because we were singing today), and while we were sitting and waiting for the rest of the family to arrive, I perused the "family" section of each of the books I brought to find an appropriate talk. We found one in Talks for Tots, Volume 2 that he approved of, but I kept looking to see if I could find something better. In 101 Talks for Children (Copyright 1985 by Bookcraft, Inc. Author Marianne J. Shampton) a title caught my eye and I stopped to read it. Although is was not what he needed for today's talk, I hope one of the kids gets assigned a talk for Father's Day and can use it. I couldn't wait until Scott and the other children arrived so that I could show it to Scott. It had us giggling inappropriately through the sacrament. The title of the talk is also the title of this post, no lie! Here goes...

Rainbows and Dads

When I see a rainbow it reminds me that Heavenly Father loves me and is watching over me. Our fathers also love us and watch over us. They help us here on earth and remind us of our Heavenly Father's love.

Even the colors in the rainbow remind me of my dad:

Purple is for Royalty. My dad is a son of God.
Blue is for purity in both thought and deed.
Green is for life. We should try to live so we can be a family forever.
Red is for courage. My dad always does what is right.
Orange reminds me of a warm fire. My dad's smile makes me feel warm inside.
Yellow is like the sunshine. My dad brightens my day and makes me happy.

Somtimes when things go wrong it is like a rainy, stormy day, but my dad can change things so I feel happy and everything is better. He really brightens up my life.

I am thankful that God made rainbows and dads.

LOL. Isn't it sweet? If only the author knew what we were thinking about this talk. Probably best that she not know, honestly. :)

I think most of it fits Scott pretty well. Son of God? check. Pure in thought and deed? Um, mostly I think. :) Living to be a family forever? I think we are on the right path, following the spirit and our hearts. Courage? definitely! Always does what's right? any of us ALWAYS do what is right? I think he tries! Brightens my day and makes me happy? Absolutely for me, but I can't speak for the kids, although he generally tries to turn their frustrations into a joke of some sort, and usually gets a smile out of them.

Anyway, what made us laugh even harder is that we were both thinking the same thing: a blog post was essential for this one. Scott conceded to let me post it. Thanks, honey!


D. said...

Bwahahaha! Today must be the day of funny posts! I am getting over being sick and this is yet another post to make my day!

Anonymous said...

My little brother who lives in Hawaii has a little 6 year old daughter who had to give a talk in church, also. She talked so quietly that no one could hear her. On the way home, he asked her how come she talked so softly. She said, "I was using my Holy Ghost voice" He said, "I hope you will use your Holy Ghost voice this afternoon when I am taking my nap." :)

Thank you for your post. Duck

Jenz said...

LOL :) I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah!!

My name is Claudia, and I am from Madrid, Spain (so I am sorry for my mistakes in writing english). I just found you blog, and I loved it (I read your husband´s blog too, and its great). I am not gay, but my best friends are, and it is really hard for me to be LDS, seeing what my church thinks about gay people. But reading blogs like yours, gives me hope to see that I am not alone, that there are other people out there that think that it is posible to follow God and to believe that homosexuality is not a sin, thats a great relief, and it gives me hope and strength to go on, and to fight for everybodys right. So, really, thanks a lot for sharing your thouhgts online.

As you probably know, I live in a country where gay rights are really good now, but, although thats awesome, and I am proud of my country for that,it makes it so hard for members of the church like me who support those laws, because other members see us as bad examples, but, although the idea of leaving the church has come to my mind many times, Im still active, and I hope someday some things will change.

Wow, sorry for the long comment!, I didnt think I was going to write that much.

If you dont mind, I will visit you blog often, I ´ll be your visitor form the other side of the world :-), but I promise I´ll write shorter comments.

Really, THANKS a lot for being like you are.

2Mod4U said...

That was a very sweet & humorous little post. Thank you for sharing it.