Thursday, November 20, 2008

Innate Characteristic

Thought for the day: we shouldn't ask or expect people to be something they're not.

(I was thinking specifically gay people, but this applies to anyone, of course.)

Due to the lack of comments, I figure an explanation is warranted, just in case some of you don't understand the comic. i is an imaginary number, and therefore not real. Pi is an irrational number and therefore not rational. It's a math geek thing. :-)


Bravone said...

You know, I am struggling with the same issue with my dog. She absolutely loves our neighbor's male dog across the street. She and my older male dog don't get along. I am always trying to force her to stay home (and off the road,) but feel guilty for trying to make her conform.

It must be late, I am losing my mind.

Alan said...

Funny you should post this Sarah. You had some tiny pumpkins in a bowl last night as part of holiday decorations, I was tempted to find a Sharpie and write a pi on one of them to see if anybody got the joke (pumpkin pi?).

Keep the rocks and tomatoes in your hands everybody, this is cyberspace, they wouldn't hit me anyway. LOL.