Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blind Sheep

I have the Deseret News headlines emailed to me at work, and I usually glance through them first thing to see if anything interests me, and then I quickly read a couple of articles if I have time. Anything mentioning Prop 8 of course gets my attention. Last week it was about the news release from the church, which made me ornery the rest of the day. Sometimes I also glance through the comments, but there are usually a TON of them and they say the same crazy things over and over. You’d think I would know better than to keep reading such articles…

This morning the title was Catholics, Mormons joined to pass Prop. 8. I gave the article a quick read, and then noticed that there were ONLY 21 comments so far. I had time to read that many to see what people were saying...

It was the usual…

  • Yes, its all about children. The anti-Prop 8 folks don't want us to think about their impact on children.
  • We should all join with them to help preserve traditional marriage - the most stabilizing force in our culture. The opponents to California's passed proposition 8 are now showing their true colors - that of a hate filled and love deprived group of individuals.
  • Two "married" women raising a child tell the child day in and day out by their example that men are not important. That child will grow up either believing that men are not important or that she/he is not good enough to have a dad, or both. Parenting is more than being loving to children. Parenting is putting the needs of the child over the wants of the parents. Children need - and naturally want - both a father and a mother. Traditional marriage is the best way to raise children to become successful adults.
  • Gay "rights" advocates do not just want us to tolerate homosexuality or even just let homosexuals carry on with their lives, they want everyone to applaud them and support them and never verbally disagree with them. Anything but 100% support is "intolerant" or worse, it is bigotry.
  • I am very happy that Catholics are coming forward to defend LDS members who supported Prop 8. We all need to work together for what's right.
  • Where are all your nasty and negative posters? I know it is more fun to be nasty to the mormons. It appears that more catholics turned to vote yes than the mormons did. Where is the outrage?

Oooo, I took that as an invite. Although I did not plan to be nasty, just honest. Here is my comment:

Sad | 7:47 a.m. Nov. 11, 2008
I am an active Mormon with a strong testimony, yet I disagree with prop 8. There are those of you who say these two things together are impossible, but I tell you that they aren't.

Allowing gay marriage DOES NOT hurt my "traditional marriage." And I WANT my children to know that other children might have 2 moms or 2 dads so that they can be tolerant and love them no matter what. Regardless of the law, there are lots of children in that situation and will continue to be, and from what I've seen personally, some of them are blessed with better home and family life than many with a mom and a dad. Allowing gay marriage gives everyone the same constitutional rights and happiness.

Banning it, however, hurts to the core some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. It also hurts their friends and family.

If allowing it doesn't hurt anyone, and banning it hurts someone, then it is sad to me that so many people feel so passionately about banning it, especially members of my own church who profess to have love and charity as an integral part of their lives.

Whoa, boy did I start a discussion and some severe backlash. I was going to quote from it, but if you’re interested, read it yourself. I was amazed that my honest and benign comment could stir up such contention in the hearts of members of the church. Scott jumped in with a few comments (alias SN). I could be biased, but I think Scott is so good at explaining things and making them sound reasonable and logical.

Needless to say I was kind of distracted through the day: proof that it is good that the district firewall blocks my ability to read blogs all day long.

Anyway, I guess it was silly to jump in at all, but I learned a lot about myself today and my progression through the last few months. As I read things like “You can’t be Mormon”, or “Satan is leading you away from the true church” I laughed instead of cried. During the summer I posted a comment on an article once and was VERY hurt by the comments that came thereafter.

I am very grateful for the peace that Heavenly Father is letting me feel right now and that the comments didn’t make me feel guilty or evil. In fact, it has been a very happy day for me. Maybe Satan has just lulled me into a false sense of security, but I don’t think so. Wickedness never was happiness, right? And if by some chance homosexuality is really as evil as some think it is, and I am heading speedily towards hell with such an opinion, then I believe in a Christ that will see that in my heart I am good and kind and tried to be like Him, and that will make up for my error.

I was honest in my comment when I said that you MoHos are some of the sweetest people I will ever meet. Your comments and encouragement mean more to me than you will ever know, and I feel so blessed to be so welcome in this community. Thank you!


Pieces of Me said...

I admit to stalking your blog and your husband's blog. It is insiteful to see the journey you and your husband are taking. It is also nice to see you gaining strength.

invisible said...

I can only say: Thank you! We need more people like you. You are a brave woman who does not just sit back - you get involved and try to bring understanding and love into the world (is that not what Jesus tired to do?). I wish I had a teacher like you or a mom. I am glad that I have you as a friend and I hope many blessings come your way.

Sarah said...

Pieces of me: Thanks for commenting. I am grateful to know you are there and look forward to watching your journey unfold.
Please email me so that we can talk further! May God bless you and your family.

JOSH: I feel privileged to be your friend. You can even call me family if you want, an adopted sister or something. :) You, too are entitled to the Lord's blessings. He loves you and will help you through the tough times, maybe by sending angels (like me ;) your way.

UTMOHO said...

Wow!!!! That is all I can think after I read all the comments following yours on Deseret News. I don't think many people are just out to hurt us. But they don't understand how they are hurting us with their comments. I read many of the comments. A few I found interesting were things like how can a child survive in a environment with two dads, no mom to nurture them. Well there are many single parent homes out there that are missing moms and most of the kids turn out just fine.
I commend you for your comments. There might have been just one reader of your comments who might have considered what you said. So if there was just one that is all that matters.

Sarah said...

UTMOHO: Thanks for reminding me that I could have done some good with my comment. I was feeling more like the devil, stirring up the hearts of the righteous unto contention. :)
The comments directed at me were pretty crazy, huh? I wondered why people assumed that my comment came from a man. Did you notice that? Silly people.

Seriously, though, I actually kind of admire these people for their faith in the leaders of the church. I tried and tried to find a way that I too could follow the prophet on this one, but my heart would not let me.

Bravone said...

Sarah, Thanks for taking a stand. I was deeply touched by Scott's post about you. You have my deepest respect.

Sarah said...

bravone, his post today touched me as well. Thank you for your comment.

Kengo Biddles said...

Honestly, it doesn't surprise me the way people respond. It saddens me. And I know that my extended family would respond that way...I think my mother, even, would, were she not aware of me.


If we're being lead away to Hell, I'll save you a seat on the bus. I plan on being the Hell Tour Guide, and I'll sell you concessions at half-rate.

Anonymous said...

My Dad used to say, "Of course I want to go to hell....ALL my friends will be there!" If you all are going in that direction, then I'm fine to come along, as well.