Thursday, October 30, 2008

In Honor of Halloween...

. . . I present to you my very own Edward! Thanks for letting me post your picture, sweetie.

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Here are some cute pictures of our kids from a family party on Sunday.

These are our three boys, ages 11, 7 and 3. (The princess is a cousin.) Yes, the oldest one is going for a Nightmare before Christmas type of look.

Bummer that they can't wear the masks to school, but they are grateful that they are allowed to wear costumes at all. It hasn't been allowed the past 2 years for security reasons. (Fear of some weirdo getting into the school in a costume and wrecking havoc or something like that.) This year the principal compromised and is allowing costumes, but no parade for family and friends to come enjoy.

I'm just grateful that I don't have to deal with any students tomorrow! They were hyper enough today!

It has been a good week for me, which is surprising since it is the end of the quarter at school, therefore making it pretty stressful.

I have been very blessed.

(The fact that our son's daycare provider appears to have successfully potty-trained him this week is pretty exciting, too!)

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!


Зеркало / The Mirror said...

I just want to say I enjoy our blog very much. You always try to go for the positive. You seem to have a heart of gold and a level of faith I hope to gain. I also want to thank you for sharing the pictures! I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween! - Josh

Beck said...

While the fangs are a bit of a turn-off, I must admit that I like Scott's guyliner action going on...:)

Bror said...

Scott makes a great vampire. And by the way, how is his bite? :) Thanks for the pictures of your kids. It's good to see them too. Halloween is so fun.

Anonymous said...


I am so happy to hear that this was a good week for you.

LOL, it was a terrible week for me, but that happens sometimes.

Your kids look awesome and Scot looks like he's having fun too!

And you do have your very own Edward there. But really, you can't say that until you read the books.

Scott said...

DAMON: I'm Scott. Scot is married to Rob. (Confusing I know) ;)

Scott said...

BTW, I read the Twilight books this week... They were a little bit syrupy for my taste in places (I can see why teenage girls would like them) but overall I thought the stories and characters were interesting and well-written.

I think Serendipity will be reading them soon.

Serendipity said...

JOSH: Thank you. I don't think anyone that really knows me would think that I always try to go for the positive, although I've always wanted to be a more positive person. Thanks for helping me recognize that I have more faith than I think I have.

BECK: Sorry you don't like the fangs. They broke the night of the party, so then he was left with just the guyliner. :)

BROR: His bite? Well, I think that might be a bit too personal to answer. :) Lets just say I was glad he could still kiss me with fangs, because he sure couldn't talk very well!

DAMON: An avid reader in my ward recommended AGAINST the Twilight books, but I think sometime soon I might just have to break down and read them so that I can know what the hype is all about. I think my daughter wants to read them, so it might be good for me to know what she is reading. :)

Anonymous said...


LOl sorry. I've been chatting with you long enough I should have gotten the two t's right. I am sure it was a typo on my part.

I agree, the story lines are a little too perfect.


Everyone's tastes are different. Twlight wouldn't stand up to scholastic criticism, but it's good for purely entertainment purposes.


Mike said...

Edward really doesn't have fangs, you realize that.....