Sunday, October 26, 2008

Comforting Words

I tend to procrastinate my church calling.

During Sacrament meeting, I was reading the lesson for Relief Society, which was a conference talk by Elder Scott on abuse. I lead the music in Relief Society, and I try really hard to choose hymns that fit the lesson, so it is helpful to read it first. The topic that best fit the lesson was the atonement, both for someone who has been abused to heal from the pain and forgive, and for the abuser to repent from the transgression.

So I started perusing hymns from the low to mid 100's. Wow, there are a lot of hymns about how the atonement can bring peace and happiness to our lives.

I got so caught up reading through all the hymns and applying them to my own life, that my quest continued during Sunday School. The time went by really quickly for me as I was learning my own lesson, while a similar lesson was actually going on in the background. The instructor basically had the class read 3 Nephi 17-19 a verse at a time. Everyone read a verse, and the reading circulated through the large class 3 times. There was very little discussion, and Scott commented to me later about how boring it was. But I didn't notice, because I was weaving the words that were read about Christ healing and blessing the Nephites with the words of the hymns that I was reading.

I know the atonement is real and powerful. I know that my Savior loves me and wants me to cast my burdens on Him so that I can feel peace and happiness.

It was nice to be reminded of that message today. I always have a prayer in my heart to survive each moment of my day, but I think I need to remember to pray more often for the Savior to share my burden and make it light.

It was a good, peaceful day.

I hope it will continue tomorrow.


Hidden said...

*HUG* So good to hear. And thanks for the reminder to myself.

Scott said...

Now I feel bad, commenting on how boring a lesson was when you're getting all this spiritual insight from it...

But seriously? Reading straight through three chapters of the Book of Mormon with almost no discussion? I can do that on my own. I go to Sunday School so that I can hear other peoples' insights and opinions.

I guess I should have read the hymnbook too.

And now I've hijacked an awesome spiritual post with this inane comment.

I am also grateful for the Atonement and for the peace that the Gospel brings.

And I'm grateful that you were able to find some peace and happiness too. I love you!

Anonymous said...


I am glad you're finding some peace. You deserve it.

Remind me sometime to share my favorite scripture with you!