Saturday, August 14, 2010

Unexpected Friend

At "gay day at lagoon" last Sunday, I saw a lady that I know from my ward, sort of. I don't know her well, and I only know her through her helping with a calling that serves one of my children.

It was merely a coincidence to see her and her kids at lagoon, but she saw me and a couple of our kids in red shirts, and that led to a conversation yesterday that would not have happened otherwise.

I knew she was divorced, but otherwise know very little about her personal life. And with my own struggles and scattered church attendance, I didn't really think about the fact that I have never seen her at church.

But it turns out that because she has gay friends, she disassociated herself with the church many years ago. Her choice to leave followed a frustrating lesson in young womens during which she stood up for her friends and voiced her knowledge that being gay is not a choice. 

She called me last night regarding information about my child she is helping to serve. She has never been the one to call before. It has always been her family member whose calling she is helping with. She spoke with me as a close friend would, excited for what she had to tell me about my son. But I sensed more. I think she is excited to have found a friend in me, excited to have the opportunity to possibly help me through the tough times I face with her own experience of divorce to draw from.

Yesterday she made the comment that she believes everything happens for a reason, and then quickly followed it with hating when people tell her that. I understood exactly, we laughed together, and there was a connection from the compassion of true empathy that can only come from someone who truly understands the same pain and frustration you are feeling.

I think I've found an unexpected friend. 


A.J. said...


David Baker-@DB389 said...

Well isn't that serendipitous? :D

Rob said...

Funny how life can surprise us so pleasantly sometimes too, isn't it. I'm so happy for you Joan. ;-)

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

I tend to hate phrases like "happened for a reason" until moments like that force me to believe those phrases exist for a reason.

Ned said...

Congrats on that. As Lawrence Welk would say, wonnerful, wonnderful.

Pieces of Me said...

So happy for you. I truly believe God sends people into our lives when we need them most. Our job is to pay it forward!

Madame Curie said...

I agree with Pieces of Me. God put the two of you at Lagoon together for a reason.

I'm glad you have found a friend.