Sunday, February 21, 2010

Three weeks...

...and counting.

Scott wasn't sure how I would handle it, but it has been so nice--no panic attacks or three hours of misery and crying on Sundays.

The first week I chose songs for Relief Society and got a sub. The second week I picked songs and called the education counselor in the presidency to let her know. Today I didn't worry about it. As Scott says, I gave my 3 weeks notice to the bishop 4 weeks ago.

Meanwhile, the children continue to attend by their own choice. They haven't gone to sacrament meeting, but I take them over and pick them up from the other two hours. This morning they were more wishy-washy than usual. I told them they could go, or stay home and we could watch a church-produced movie. "Like Prince of Egypt?", the 12-year-old asked. No, like Legacy or Testaments.

When a half hour to Sunday school time came around, he still wouldn't decide. I gave another choice: decide to go (and get ready right now) or not go, and we will start a movie. But if you don't choose now, you will sit here and read your scriptures for two hours.

Within a few minutes, everyone was getting ready to go.

Scott and I made great use of the two hours with some much-needed conversation.

I've found some great apps for my new iPhone with scriptures and lesson manuals and audio of talks and Mo-tab musical programs. I am beginning to establish some personal gospel study habits.

We were with Scott's family tonight for a b-day dinner/get together. Toward the end, something came up about the day and I shared the choices I had given the children, and that they had all chosen church. Then I mentioned in passing how easy it has been for me to not go for 3 weeks, nice to not walk in the building and have a panic attack. (Especially today when it was ward conference and the stake president probably spoke.)

Scott commented later how his ultra-Mormon brother and his wife were eying us a little strangely the next few minutes while we were all gathering up things in preparation for heading home. I must have given them a bit of a shock.

Oh well, life is good for the most part. Here comes another week!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah - i find myself struggling with faith and this helped.

His music totally rocks, too, by the way.