Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting used to disappointments

So, my husband is gay.


What? No temple recommend for no good reason whatsoever?


Oops, I'm having a baby. Four children was perfect. I guess someone upstairs doesn't agree. If I have to go through this pregnancy thing again, at least let it be a girl.


I'm not in the final cut of the movie after all? No 5 minutes of fame? Whew! (I guess)


Oh, another cute, adorable boy?


Now I just have to help my daughter come to terms with having four little brothers. Wish me luck. Actually, better yet, pray for us. Her face is red, her eyes puffy. Maybe it is time for a girl's night out. Anyone else want to come?

It is what it is, and we will love him. Any ideas of boy names starting with S, now that Savannah and Sophia and many others on my possibility list are probably all out of the question?



Alan said...

I had four younger sisters all in a row. I know exactly how she feels.


Stewart (the Scots royal name)

Ned said...

You probably didn't intend this be a poll, but here are my favorite male names starting with S.


David Baker-@DB389 said...

Variations on a theme of Steve.
Original with the name Sav instead of Savannah
Or you could go with Sophocles to keep the Sophie theme.

Anonymous said...

Boys names beginning with S:

Sabastian (Sebby is a great nickname)
Smith (Smitty is a great nickname)
Stockton (to Malone, a great nickname)
Scott, Jr.

I hope I win... :)

Thanks, again, to Scott, the other day, for trying to help me when I deleted all my blogs accidentally. Yikes!

Happy night!

Bravone said...


Terri said...

You're probably not old enough to remember the song "A boy named Sue" ...before your time.

Silas, Silar?

Anonymous said...

remember our deal you were not gonna name him with an "S" and I was gonna get your basement done...

Bror said...

I always wanted to name one of my boys Shae or Shay.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Though I really like the name Shane, I think Sam is a really good choice.

I'm also pro-

mandi said...

oh, please don't do shane. I've got a strong aversion to shane. Besides- did you ever see the movie "shane" with john wayne? I'll never get that kid's voice out of my head saying; "shaayyne."
Our daughter only has two younger brothers, but with the gender news of both of them, she bawled her eyes out til gramma bought her happiness with a trip to the mall or a toy or something. We'll never hear the end of her suffering, though. . .

Samantha said...

I'm partial to Sam, myself. :-)

Anonymous said...

I like the name Sam for a boy. NOT keen on the name Samantha for a girl, though. So, it is good you are having a boy. :)

Sarah said...

Since everyone seems to like the name Sam, just thought I should pipe in that we've already got a Samuel. (I liked it too!)

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

Geez. I'm embarrassed now. It makes sense that Sam Nicholson made for a good name because I'd already met one.

PS... Don't mention to Sam that I forgot his name. Haha.

Bravone said...


A.J. said...


Scott said...

@A Gay Mormon Boy: I won't embarrass you further and mention that we also have a Spencer...

(oops...) :-)

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

At least I remembered Simon. Haha.

Sarah said...

There goes all of my efforts to keep our kids as anonymous as possible on this blog. Sheesh! :)

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

I have a feeling I'm going to get teased about this at the next party I make it to. :)

Mindie said...

Thank you so much for sharing your blog.

You touch more people than you know, like highly liberal English professors in Oklahoma.

You have a beautiful spirit.

And darn if I didn't have the greatest girl name... Seren (S-air-en). It's Welsh, meaning "Star".

Frank Lee Scarlet said...

If you're interested in something exotic, how about Sava? (It's Greek, like me!)
More realistically, I *love* the names Sawyer, Soren, and Sterling. Just my 2¢ :)
Good luck!

Sarah said...

Thanks for all of the input. I've got a good list of names now to start mulling over.

Mindie, thanks so much for helping me to remember that I make a difference for people I don't even know. Sometimes I just think about the Stake President or family that might be reading, and wonder if it is worthwhile for anyone but me!