Wednesday, May 20, 2009

14 years ago today...

...Scott arrived home from his mission.

But who's counting?

I have been walking down memory lane the last few months, perusing a plastic canvas box (that I stitched myself) which contains all of Scott's letters, tapes, and cards to me from his mission, a 16-year-old ring-pop "promise" ring (still in the original wrapper, although slightly melted), other small miscellaneous memories from Scott, and about 50 strips of construction paper in all of the colors of the rainbow...

A couple of months before his release date, I decided I wanted something special to count down the days until his arrival. I decided to make a construction paper chain (like the one you might make to count down to Christmas), but this one included all colors, strung in rainbow order, and on each link I wrote something that reminded me of him. As I tore off a link each day, I would read what I wrote, savor the memories, and tape it to my closet door where I could read it over and over. At the top of the door was a sign that read, "I love Scott because..."

Remember, these are all from a pathetic 21-year-old college student. Really cheesy, to say the least, but mostly sweet and fond memories. It is interesting to read through them and realize how our relationship has changed over the 14 years. But what I find particularly interesting is that some of them seem to contain OGTs (or Obviously Gay traits). Where is that pink notebook...?

  1. He blushes when teased about me.
  2. He is a good cook (like making chocolate chip cookies!)
  3. He always sees the best in things--has a positive outlook.
  4. He is wonderful with kids (like his younger siblings and my nieces and nephews)
  5. He cares about keeping me warm and safe (like at early morning choir rehearsals in the football stadium).
  6. He buys me popcorn even though it is not his favorite (2nd date--movie "Robin Hood")
  7. He is extremely musically talented.
  8. He waited for me from 3 to 11 p.m. (while I was on a date with someone else) before opening his mission call so that I could be on the phone with him when he did. (His parents were pretty frustrated, I think.)
  9. He keeps me from stressing out while driving through snowflakes. ("...imagine flying through stars, like in star wars...")
  10. He gives me support from 2,000 miles away.
  11. He brings out the best in me.
  12. He spent lots of time helping me with my sterling scholar portfolio.
  13. He is always happy! :)
  14. He even cares when my contacts are bugging me.
  15. He brings me flowers when I am sad.
  16. He brings me flowers when I am successful.
  17. He listens to me babble.
  18. He spends money on me (like taking me to Les Miserables)
  19. He knows when it is time to tease and when it's not.
  20. He even loves me when I am weird.
  21. He's good looking (big beautiful blue eyes!)
  22. He makes me laugh ("You know, you can say it backwards, which is docious ali expi istic fragi calli rupus, but that's going a bit too far, don't you think?")
  23. He can keep me from stressing out when no one else can.
  24. He loves me.
  25. He believes in me.
  26. He isn't intimidated by smart girls.
  27. He is a good example.
  28. He wants me to date other people.
  29. He loves Christ more than me.
  30. He's been good at writing to me.
  31. He honors his priesthood.
  32. He wants me to be happy above all else.
  33. He loves missionary work.
  34. We are always on the same wavelength.
  35. He can see the best in my parents and family.
  36. He is Christlike.
  37. He encourages me to try out for things, even though I am scared or think I won't make it.
  38. He taught me to like Chinese food.
  39. He is intelligent.
  40. He stays up late typing camp songs for me.
  41. He likes to hike (even in the rain!)
  42. I can talk to him about anything.
  43. He thinks I have a pretty voice. (even make me sing a duet with our choir teacher at his farewell--how intimidating!)
  44. He is my best friend.
  45. He goes to dances with me even when he is sick.
  46. He always knows what to say to make me feel good ("You are both pretty and intelligent.")
  47. He doesn't judge others.
  48. He likes to cuddle.
  49. He likes cats.
  50. He likes to sit by the piano and sing with me.
  51. He likes to knit and crochet.
  52. His family has accepted me.


Alan said...

Wow, another OGT: "flying through stars, like in Star Wars" - I've said that EXACT same thing. LOL.

Bran said...

Some of those on that list actually sound like OSTs (obviously straight traits)

Sarah said...

Alan, cool that you've thought the same thing. I still remember that every time I am driving in the snow. I would not have considered that one of the OGTs though, I think. hmmm...

Bran! Welcome to my blog. I hope you and yours are well. I am curious, though. Which items do you consider OSTs? :)

Frank Lee Scarlet said...

That is SO sweet!