Saturday, May 9, 2009

Family Home Evening

Suppose we were to have some sort of "Family Home Evening" on, perhaps, the second Saturday of the month, would any of you be interesting in attending, and if so, how would you like it to work? How soon should we start? Would Saturday be best, or would another night be better? Could we include our children, or would we want it to be something with a more mature atmosphere? Should it be...

  • A speaker or presentation, like at the Matis firesides?
  • A traditional FHE lesson, where different people might be assigned different items on the agenda, like song, scripture, prayer, lesson, activity, and treat?
  • A topic to be discussed and researched in the scriptures together?
  • Any other ideas?
It has been suggested to us that this might be a good next step in what we are doing. We already have our parties, which have been very successful in helping our friends feel comfortable being accepted for who they are in our home, surrounded by friends, food and fun. We have learned so much from all of you that have come and we love having you here!

So what about a night for those who have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and still yearn for spiritual enlightenment, and yet have maybe become uncomfortable attending church meetings, or no longer feel the spirit at church meetings because they sit there in fear of what might be said that will make them uncomfortable.

We would like to provide the same comfortable atmosphere that you have come to expect in our home, and therefore anyone is welcome to come without fear of judgement or intolerance.

I am not suggesting this as a substitute for my own church attendance. I am getting more and more comfortable (and determined!) with continuing to attend, and I know that I need that spiritual stability in my life. But I also love reading/hearing your testimonies, and I feel like I could be so enlightened by all of you! I know you have so many experiences, so much insight to offer. I guess this idea kind of stems from the thought of what it would be like to have a MoHo ward. Why not try our own "Sunday School" once a month and see how it goes?

We value your input! Oh, and for those who can't be here in person, maybe we could do some kind of webcam or skype thing, or at the very least, post a transcription of what was said and discussed, maybe on a new blog by invitation only? I don't know, I am brainstorming here. Help!


Alan said...

Definitely Webcam and/or Skype, Sarah. With technology the way it is now, no reason not to allow interactive participation like that. I for one would enjoy that very much and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up for Skype!!! :-)


Evan said...

Alan has a great idea! Why not bring those of us who are separated by distance closer with technology? I would definitely participate if we can get something working through Skype.

As for how it should work, I think having a speaker like the Matis fireside would be cool, but I also believe it wouldn't hurt to have open discussions on certain subjects.

El Genio said...

I would love some kind of a recap on a blog. Taking copious notes of the whole evening seems a bit extreme, but a normal blog post about the central tenants would be cool.

drakames said...

I think this is an awesome idea, whichever format you look at. I like your ideas. Maybe you could rotate them each month. I know that it would be helpful to have somewhere to go for that sort of spiritual help and know that there's no danger of judgment or prop 8 conversation.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the input! Scott and I will start looking into technology possibilities and make a plan for the time and content of the events themselves. We will try to avoid the first and third Mondays, since there are already things in Provo and in Logan, respectively, on those nights. I am excited for the possibilities!

Anyone who might be interested in being directly involved in planning because you've got some great ideas, please let us know!

Anonymous said...

Sarah I would so be up for this. As I was reading it I was actually thinking SKYPE!!! So yes, I would love it and would attend anytime I was in town too.


Frank Lee Scarlet said...

Great idea! I also like the idea of a Skype/webcam set up--it's like, so we can't have a MoHo ward yet, let's have a virtual one!

Chedner said...

As for the format of the meetings, I would personally prefer an atmosphere of discussion instead of being preached to (the latter being how the Matis firesides feel to me, which is why I don't go).