Friday, May 1, 2009

Help Wanted

Wanted: energetic and/or willing friends to help finish landscaping our yard, which includes moving some dirt around, building a deck and patio, perhaps laying a bit of sprinkler pipe and a minimal amount of sod, among other things.

Education required: none. On the job training will be provided if needed.

Terms of payment: a standing invitation to awesome parties once a month, including the use of wonderful deck and patio facilities throughout the remaining spring, summer and fall months (and in years to come), fabulous food, excellent entertainment, company of good friends, lots of smiles and heartfelt thank-yous, and unlimited lifetime hugs.

Time: almost any evening, or anytime on Saturdays when the weather cooperates, between now and May 30th, 2009.

Interested parties should show up with work gloves and grubby clothes. Some advance notice of arrival would be appreciated. Meals, beverages and entertainment will be provided as needed.


Hidden said...

I'm comingggggggggggggg!

I just don't know when yet. X.x

Anonymous said...

If Hidden comes, then he won't be "hidden" anymore!! :-)

We would LOVE to come, but for the price of our plane tickets and lost wages, you could probably pay someone to do it.

Good luck!!!!


Sarah said...


Hidden is not hidden to us anymore, regardless. :)

I appreciate your willingness, Alanna. Honestly, I would get a lot more done by myself if it would stop raining on Saturdays. Arg!

Hidden, are you coming before May 30th, or just June 4th as planned? BTW, the tickets are already sold out for the days you are available. Sorry. :(

Cadence said...

count me in, next week is finals and then from then on when I'm in town I can definitely help out... (I might be gone next weekend) also my work schedule looks like I'll be free in the evenings so I could help out then too? hmmmm I can dig holes depending on how your ground is I can enjoy digging holes... but chances are I can just dig holes... I guess from there we'll see what happens...

Frank Lee Scarlet said...

I know it would be past the 5.30 deadline, but if you're still working in early June, I'll be in the area after the school year ends!

Over the Rainbow said...

Wish I was as lucky as you :)

HappyOrganist said...

"My changed view on gay marriage has divided or broken my soul"
Sorry to post this comment here (drives me nuts that you don't allow comments on all your posts).
[feel free to delete this, therefore, if you really didn't want feedback on your latest message]
I don't think your soul is broken (and believe me, I can tell from way over here. hehe). It looks to me like you just have a lot of charity. Now if you want to talk about integrating - then I guess you might have a point (trying to mesh several ideas, beliefs, and feelings into one truth). If it was me, I would probably end up blending things in a slightly different way. But I'll just shut up about that here.
I think the most important thing (most times) is intent. If you're learning to love and accept people the way they are - that is saying a lot. And if the way *you* show that love is different than the way I would show it, well heavens - I guess you're not me. ;-D
But that doesn't mean that you and the people around you (who would show that same love, I would gather, in a different way) aren't learning the same principle.
I hope that was coherent. ;-/
- JL

Sarah said...

Hidden, I had no idea you were serious. See you in 6 days! Now I understand why OTR says I am lucky. She'll have to come visit!

Cadence, you are awesome! Most evenings are great, but call or email first (and of course, weather permitting.)

Sarah said...

Organist: I'm sorry my lack of comment availability bothers you. I am just feeling a little vulnerable about comments on some of my posts right now, but I don't think it will stay that way forever.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts--I had to read them a few times to really understand, but I think that was just because I was really tired at the time. =)

Over the Rainbow said...

I'm coming to help with yard work- around the 26th :)