Saturday, August 11, 2012

Premiere "It Gets Better" with Straight Spouses

Some summers as school approaches, I can't think of anything significant that I have done with my life in the 2-3 months I've been off work. But this summer will be different. This summer I can say that I have helped to create some videos to build bridges, to promote understanding and hope.

 Here is the masterpiece, and today is the day it premieres at the Mormon Stories LGBTQ "'Circling the Wagons Conference" in San Francisco. And now, following its premiere, I want it to go viral like the Josh Weed story. I want there to be a balance in the world on this topic. I want hopeful LDS friends and family that have been encouraging their gay loved ones that they can follow the gospel plan, marry someone of the opposite sex and raise a family to see this video, to feel the pain of the straight spouse and children, to understand the consequences that frequently come from well-intentioned individuals following the gospel plan that simply does not work for them.

I want to give hope to those out there still in their closets to have hope that they are not alone in their pain, and that life can and will get better.

Please help me by sharing this video today. The more people we reach, the bigger difference it will make. 

Thanks. There are individual video stories from the people involved on our YouTube channel, supportivestraights. The videos are also linked from the website at The video has also been uploaded to the Mormon Stories "It Gets Better" YouTube Channel, where you can find videos from many other gay Mormons and allies.