Thursday, October 14, 2010

Request for help!

For anyone who has read through my entire blog more recently than I have, what are your favorite posts?

Appreciate the assistance. I'll explain later.


RavynSoul said...

Hi Sarah,

i haven't posted before, but i've been reading your posts for a lil bit now and i must say you inspire and give me a lil hope for members in general when so many have given me reason to doubt. Your post right after Elder Packers Talk and the post About you dreading the conversations with your family both really struck me and i think i hold them as some of your thoughts with the most impact on me personally. Keep posting when you can, it's nice to see some positive and get some hope now and then :)

El Genio said...

Not that I have read through your entire blog recently, but I did go back and find two of my favorites :)

The Wife said...

On the side of your blog you used to have links to your early blog posts which told the whole story of Scott's coming out to you, and how that affected your relationship. For me, those were the most helpful because it was at the time when Chris had just come out to me, and I could relate to everything you were going through. It really helped me realize that I was not alone.

Wild Okie said...

Hi Sarah-
I don't know that there is one post that is my favorite. I can tell you what I love about your blog and why I read. I do so because you are honest and earnest. You and I have so little in common in practical terms- I'm a divorced, childless, taoist English professor- but I read because of your humanity and spirituality. Pain, compassion, love, want and loss are all human experiences and you elucidate them well. You are a beacon. I'm glad that you shine your light.

Sarah said...

Thanks--everyone's comments were helpful.

Mindie--thank you for your comment. The timing of it is interesting, however, since I am in the process of writing a post about not being able to blog any more. At least not here. Not sure that I can continue being the beacon you speak of. :(

Wild Okie said...

You will always be a beacon, Sarah. Maybe you'll just shine your light in a new direction.