Saturday, September 25, 2010

Come Follow Me

I was just helping two of our children prepare for the Primary program at church tomorrow. One of them is going to sing a solo of the 5th verse of "Come Follow Me." I was at the piano, and trying to motivate him to sing through it as I played. I would say the words to a line and then have him sing it. The lyrics to this hymn are old and very complicated. Suddenly the words struck me like a brick. I turned from the piano and said, "Sam, do you know what these words mean?"  Here is what I said to him, more or less...
"We must the onward path pursue"

We have to keep going forward, doing what is right, no matter what.

"As wider fields expand to view,"

Especially now that our view of the world is wider, with our gay friends, and us wanting them to be happy and be able to get married.

"And follow him unceasingly,"

We have to just keep following Christ, no matter what.

"Whate'er our lot or sphere may be."

No matter what comes into our lives, whatever we have to deal with, whatever makes our individual world or "sphere", we must still follow Christ and try to be like him.

Do you see how much this applies to our lives right now? If you sing this with feeling tomorrow, like you really understand it and believe it, I will be bawling my eyes out, and that is a good thing.
I don't know if he really understood what I was saying, but he is a smart kid, and I think he does whether he admits it or not.

So a further message to all of my gay or straight friends out there: no matter what church you choose, even if you have to leave the LDS church because of pain and certain circumstances, please know that Christ lives, and I believe we must each continue to follow him and keep him at the center of our lives. I realize it is possible to do that without attending any church, but associating with some church that will help us remember how important it is to keep Christ in our lives makes it so much easier. At least that is what I think.

Just my two cents.


El Genio said...

What a great post - thank you!

Anonymous said...

I'm having one of those spiritually enriching days myself. So glad you could share that moment with your boy. My girl is singing some of the verses in a quartet tomorrow as well- I'll be thinking of you.

Carlos M. said...

It's stuff like that that gives me some hope that the future will be much easier for LGBT Mormons, like myself.

tksinclair said...

I couldn't agree with you more!

I could use a "hopeful" post myself today (so thank you) as I remind myself to write in my journal about what makes me grateful.

The Wife said...

It's our primary program today too. I will be thinking of you and marriedtoamoho. I'm the primary chorister and will give a huge sigh of relief when it's all done!

As always, thinking of you, Sarah!

Jeff in Colorado said...

Great post, thanks!

Beck said...


Ned said...

Amen! Now do please update us on how it actually went, OK? Much love, Sarah. Thanks for your inclusive rather than exclusive faith.

Sarah said...

It went well, Ned. Scott caught some video on his phone of the performance. Maybe I will have him help me post some audio.

Sarah said...