Saturday, November 14, 2009


For those of you who live in the Salt Lake area and like to listen to the best Christmas music ever, but also have to plan ahead for your busy schedules, here is an item for your calendar:  a free production of the Messiah from five combined Stakes in the Midvale Community. Yes, it is the same production my daughter and I participated in last year, and we are participating again, but this time I think we've talked Scott into joining us, and I was also brave enough to try out for and get a solo.  Eeek. :)

Anyway, mark your calendars for this momentous event, Sunday December 13th at Hillcrest High School. I don't remember the time for sure.  Maybe 7 or 6? I will probably remind you all again when it comes closer.


Ned said...

Wow, congrats! What solo are you singing? Is this one of those sing-ins where everyone sings the choruses?

Sarah said...

I'm singing #s 14-16, the recitatives, right after "For unto us" and right before "Glory to God", about an angel appearing to the shepherds. The notes are pretty high, so wish me luck!

It is a performance, not a sing-in, although I have to admit that when I have attended the performance in the past, I cannot keep from singing along, and have always done so as quietly as I could. :)

Public Loneliness said...

That sounds very cool! If I'm not working that evening I might come. Great to see you're posting publicly again!

Frank Lee Scarlet said...

Thanks for letting us know--I am really going to try to come! (Usually our family goes to SLC 'to see the lights' on Temple Sq., so maybe I could find a way to fit this in. And hopefully I can contain the sing-along urge--I'm a choir geek through and through :)

Also, congratulations and good luck on the solo--that's fantastic!

mandi said...

The Messiah is what I miss most about SLC at Christmas. I think I went to the Sing- in with the SL symphony 14 times. VERY VERY SUPER impressed you are solo-ing at your production! Best of luck to you!!!