Thursday, November 12, 2009

FHE, November Edition

According to Scott's calendar, the date is fast approaching for the next Saturday night FHE at our house.  Scott or I can present a topic for discussion (probably from the Ensign, which means the conference talks this time.) We will try to choose something that we liked, that will hopefully lead to a good gospel discussion where the spirit can be with us.

Meanwhile, we heard that the Matis firesides have now changed to Tuesdays, so we are going to change our Family FHE to a different week to spread things out a bit. Officially, we would like to make it the Monday following the first Saturday of the month (which will sometimes be the first Monday of the month and sometimes the second Monday). Because of that change, there will be no family FHE in November (because it would have been last Monday, November 9th), but the next one will be on Monday, December 7th.

Also, we haven't seen some of our MOM friends for a very long time! (Yes, Kengo, I mean you and Miki and the kids!) So, assuming that flu season will not interfere, we would love to get together with any mixed-orientation couples (and families) that are interested in doing so next weekend, probably the Utah County direction somewhere (since that is where most of you are!) Anyway, e-mail me with your availability and ideas for location and activity.  I think either Friday or Saturday (November 20th or 21st) would be great, whichever is best for most of you.

Whew.  So glad to be back.  Love my friends.  See you soon!

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