Sunday, September 21, 2008

Resisting Spiritual Complacency

Welcome to my weekly Sunday School blog.

Today we will be learning about Samuel the Lamanite, and how the Nephites reacted to being told that they were doing the wrong thing.

Following are discussion ideas and summarized comments that were shared during the lesson:

Being told we are doing wrong can make us angry. Do we ever harden our hearts against recognizing our own sins?

Instead of stoning the prophets for saying things we don't agree with (like they did to Samuel), now we simply chose not to listen to them.

Satan is trying to destroy us by leading us to believe that something the Lord teaches us is wrong.

The ways we spend our time tell us a lot about where we are on the eternal path. If we don't agree with something the Lord tells us through our Prophet, are we spending time studying the scriptures so that we can be open to the spirit's guidance on that thing, even if it makes us uncomfortable? Or do we spend our time with others who share are views and where we are comfortable?

(I'm afraid to admit that I spend a lot more time blogging and reading blogs than I spend studying the scriptures or praying.)

If we are always comfortable with what our leaders tell us, we could be in trouble because we are spiritually complacent. If we are not comfortable with every lesson and admonition, then we are more likely to do something about it and keep our spiritual welfare in check.


As I write down these comments that are swimming through my head, my feelings of guilt are lifting and I have found serendipity once again! At first I was feeling really guilty that I am questioning the Prophet's decision to be involved in the election in CA. But I just came to the realization that it is good that I am being challenged so that I do not fall into a pit of spiritual complacency.

So, self, quit the guilt already and take this as an opportunity to resist spiritual complacency! I can definitely benefit from something that is going to help me increase my personal scripture study, etc.

"For it must needs be that there is opposition in all things..."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Serendipity-

I love that you find such positivity in things. It almost makes it sound like there is a fine line between stoning the prophets and spiritual complacency.
Just kidding!!!

I believe that there is a reason for this whole mess surrounding sexuality. Perhaps homosexuals are here to teach love and acceptance to our brothers and sisters. Perhaps, later on, if prophesy accepts homosexuality it will be to test our straight brothers and sisters in following our leaders.

Perhaps this whole issue is to teach us to rely on our own spiritual whisperings and promptings and to discover realities for ourselves. Maybe we are too complacent.

I cannot wait to get to my heavenly home (ok maybe I can wait jsut fine) and ask Heavenly Father what is bigger purposes where in homosexuality. For surly it exists and surly it is important.

Until then I hope my brothers and sisters can love me and those like me. As I am sure you're aware all of the posts and comments regarding homosexuals on the slc trib website that when they begin by saying "I love homosexuals but" that really their about to tell us how they really don't.

How hard is it to relent the judging and choose to love? Harder than ever I thought, I guess.