Sunday, December 4, 2011

Temple Recommend wish list

Last night or this morning--it all kind of blends together when you have a sick toddler that won't sleep--I was pondering on the temple recommend interview questions. I firmly believe--or my leaders have convinced me--that I do not qualify for a recommend simply because I do not support and sustain my leaders. And if I don't now, then I believe I never will. The damage that has been done to my faith in church leaders is too deep.

I've always believed that the recommend questions are between an individual and the Lord. Isn't that what we are taught? But that belief has been nulified over and over with me and many of my friends that are facing the same struggles that I am. Many of those friends do not even wish to attend the temple any more, and so it does not matter to them. But I am torn. I don't really want to attend the temple right now--I'm not even attending church! I doubt I would feel any more comfortable at once place than the other at the moment.

But I also have a longing for it. I miss the moments of spirituallity in my life. But I stopped feeling them at church--instead such feelings were replaced with anxiety and panic. Would I still feel the spirit at the temple?  I'm not sure. I am numb in a lot of ways. In addition to being spiritually numb, I am definiately also sexually numb. Nothing turns me on. The only thing I am slightly attracted to any more is the beautiful face of Legolas on Lord of the Rings. :)

Oops. I got a little sidetracked. :) But it made me smile, so all good!

So, to the point of this post.

I think (and what does my opinion matter at all!) that the temple recommend questions should be limited to:

1. Do you believe in God and Jesus Christ and have a testimony of the gospel of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
2. Do you feel worthy in every way to attend the temple?

Anyway, just my two cents. :)

Have a good Sabbath.


Neal said...

I have always thought the question "Do you sustain your Church leaders?" should have the modifier "in righteousness" added to it. I do sustain my Church leaders in righteousness. However, when they are not following the Spirit, giving bad advice, injecting their own prejudices or misperceptions into their counsel, or are not acting in righteousness in some other way; then I feel my duty to sustain is negated.

I truly feel like that modifier is implied anyway, so I have no problem answering that question to the affirmative. If the time comes that they are not acting in righteousness, I am ready, willing and able to tell them where to get off (usually lovingly, although I told one Bishop point-blank he was full of it).

Anonymous said...

I agree. I struggle with the WOW questions. How is having a glass of wine on a Friday night make it so I can not attend the temple? or coffee? Just my two cents!

Sarah said...

Neal, I used to feel exactly the same way. And telling them they are full of it just makes things worse, I know from experience. Although it does make me feel better personally, to not have a recommend and told them off instead of not having a recommend and keeping my anger inside.

Anon, I have a close family member who has always made fun of Mormons that like their caffeine cold and carbonated. He lies about his coffee habit when he has a reason to want his temple recommend. It used to make me frustrated, but now I smile. :)

And if we are so concerned about what the scriptures say, what about the fact that Jesus drank wine? :)