Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blog Lynching

Anyone else want to join the party to lynch my blog?

There are a few people that have been working on it for a long time, like various local religious leaders, my boss and a couple of co-workers.

The most recent recruits?

My parents.

And they don't even read it.

Apparently they called some extended family regarding some news, and were told, "Oh yeah, we already know that from Sarah's blog."

So then they start to fret, as they are so good at doing about everything ( I learned well from them how to stress out all the time about the smallest of things.) And their fretting turns into 20 questions for me this evening. maybe I have mentioned something about "such and such" on my blog that has resulted in an influx of sales calls to my parents for a certain line of products.

...or maybe I have mentioned something that will tell people the best time to burglurize them.

Do I have stupid written on my forehead? Even my last blog post, "Flying solo", was written several days before I posted it because I didn't want people to know that I was home by myself, so I scheduled it to post when Scott was nearly home from CA.

And I have tried to be extrememly careful about listing detailed information about anyone, especially since I was "talked to" at work about FERPA and student anonimity, and therefore closed my blog for a month to clean up a bit, not just for students, but others as well.

It is all so stupid.  And then add to it the other stupid things bouncing around in my head, like friends that continue to hold a grudge against us, making it so that when we see them it is very awkward, seeing them talk and laugh with other people and they won't even look at us, let alone give us the time of day.

Like a priesthood blessing that was not mentioned to Scott and I because obviously ( or at least I assume they think) Scott is not worthy to help and participate, even though it is nothing "official". Just for that, when they all start pushing for our baby to be blessed, I will invite them to a private father's blessing in our home, regardless of whether or not it is approved by anyone in the church or makes it on church records.

And then there is BYU squashing a friend's final project. So stupid.

Yes, I am a very angry woman, hear me roar!

And please just let me be angry for a while.


MoHoHawaii said...

I've read your blog from its very beginning, and I've never, ever seen anything inappropriate on it. But then, I'm a fan.

Sarah said...

yeah, I know, mohohawaii.

I've never had any problems with your comments either, although members of the lynching party have.

Donna said...

I am an ExMo Lesbian. I have really enjoyed reading your blog.

It is unfortunate that the church does not extend love and support to its LGBT members. I feel that you can really tell what is at the heart and soul of an organization by how they treat those who need their love and protection.

Thank You for standing up, and being a friend to your LGBT friends and family. I know you have been through so much. I would venture to say, that your honesty makes many LDS uncomfortable. But, your openness has helped a lot of people...other men and women who cannot find love and support. You have helped others feel less alone.

But , maybe for a time You could make your blog private to invited readers only. Boundaries keep us healthy and strong in many ways. You don't have to extend trust to those who would turn around and hit you over the head with it.

Best To You-

Pieces of Me said...

Oh you are sooo entitled to be angry on any level you want!

Bran said...

Yay Woman! I hear you roar!

Anonymous said...

As much as you have a right to be mad, you have to know that putting stuff on the internet has consequences, regardless of whether or not their logical. It amuses me when people use this public forum we call the internet as a personal diary and then get creeped out, annoyed, upset or angry at other people's reactions. It's like those teenage girls I see who dress like street walkers getting upset when people assume they're whores. Sure, we shouldn't judge people by appearances but the fact is people do, and it's a pretty well known fact. So if you don't want to be seen as one don't look like one. We may not always like the consequences that are tied to our choices, and they may not always be logical or fair, but the fact is, this is the internet and you are sharing very personal things. You have to know there is not only risk involved but suddenly everyone feels as though they have a right to an opinion. angry, but realize that it's not really anyone's fault but your own.

Anonymous said...

yes, I see the incorrect use of "their", it should be "they're." Please don't be a grammar nazi and discount everything I've said now.

Molly said...

Abuse of authority is why I stopped attending church. I haven't seen anything here that doesn't seem reasonable and honest. But micromanaging authoritarians will always find *something* to take issue with.

Anonymous said...

It is always interesting that Mormons lecture on "consequences"..yet they rarely look at their own actions and how they hurt others. Example, Prop 8. The Church is a bully that gets in the first hit, then when it is hit back, cries, oh, i have been so hurt....

A pattern that began in leaving NY, Ohio, Missouri, and Nauvoo.

I too left the church because, of misuse of power. gays and lesbians should be treated with respect and dignity. All LGBT should be treated with equality by Bishops and Stake Presidents churchwide.

Many gave of their time, talent and money. Shame on the LDS leaders for putting political motivations before its own members.

And shame on you, who are in this good woman's ward and do not love and support her. Who gossip and think this couple is less than. Aren't you worried about your own eternal Judgement?

Suck on that consequence.

Kengo Biddles said...

For what it's worth, I'm growling in support.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I have read every one of your postings. You are an extremely honest, loving and capable lady. None of your blogs have hurt anyone. I hope that those whom would be cruel to you will corect their ways and see what a wonderful person you are.

Jan said...

Sarah, you're feeling a very righteous anger! You are doing what's best for you and your family in a difficult situation. If I had you to sit by in Relief Society, I might just go back.

mandi said...

Sarah, too often the organization in the Church gets in the way of its precious truths. Don't let weakness either on your part or anyone else's get in the way of what is most important in this life and the next. Keep your eyes on the prize!! :)

Sarah said...

Thank you all for your comments. Trust me; I have thought long and hard about the pros and cons of my blog, and yes, it has been a source of stress, a natural consequence of what it is. But every time I think about it, the pros outweigh the cons, and so here I stay. :) And yes, I can be angry even if things that have happened are my own fault.

Meanwhile, I have a request. I have felt the power of prayers from readers of my blog so many times in my own life, and for Scott's nephew that was run over last year. Now a plea for your prayers once again for my dad. I'm not going to say more than that to respect his privacy. But I will say that I have more faith in the prayers of x-Mormon gays than I do in blessings from "righteous" family members. :)

Sarah said...

Jenz, I might go back to relief society if I could sit by you. It occurs to me that maybe one reason I still haven't gone back is that one lady that I was most comfortable with moved out of the ward. There are other allies, but I also recently found out that they have not replaced me as the chorister, so I don't really want to go and have them ask me to keep doing my calling. I want to melt into the wall on the back row, if you know what I mean. :)

Sophrosyne said...

I'm so sorry you have all these people making your life worse instead of helping! I hope that by reading your blog, I'm able to be more compassionate and understanding to others in a variety of situations.

Also, can I have access to your private blog?

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm a day late and a dollar short. But I'm here for you anyway.

I'm here with my love and my support and whatever else I can give.

Hang in there.