Sunday, December 27, 2009

Answer to Prayer?

I blogged recently about wanting an answer for Christmas--an answer about what I should do regarding church, for me, for our children and for our whole family.

I spent some time really praying about it that day, and though I didn't get an answer, I did think through some possibilities, and felt peace that the answer would be coming...that I just needed to be patient.

Today came a new indication of changes and future answers.  Next Sunday night there will be some ward boundary changes in our stake, and we will be getting a new Bishopric.  (My daughter and I immediately looked at each other and tried not to smile TOO big when the announcement was made today.)

This also sheds some light on why it is taking so long for my Stake President to get back to me.  Obviously he has been very busy.


Today the Relief Society and Priesthood met together for the "Teachings for our Time" lesson from the conference talks, specifically Elder Holland's incredible talk from last April about the Atonement and how Christ was totally and completely alone at times through His agony.

During the lesson, two things touched me.  One was that even though Christ was part God and able to handle what He went through, He was also part mortal, with the fears and pains and anxiety that come with being so.  It was a good reminder of what I already knew, but had somehow forgotten, that He truly does understand every pain and feeling that we go through in mortality.

The second thing that really stood out to me today is that Christ was so misjudged and betrayed, that those who yelled for Him to be crucified really did not understand (or did not try to understand) who He was or what was in His heart. Or maybe they were afraid of the influence He was having and the good He was doing. The whole thing was completely unfair, and yet it happened, and it had a purpose, and we are all blessed because of it.

I know my situation pales in comparison to that of our Savior, but I also feel that I am being misjudged for doing things that are good. I just have to have faith that it all has a purpose, and that no matter what pain I may be going through because of it, my Savior understands my pain; He already felt it FOR me, and He can take it away. I just have to let Him take it and let it go, and meanwhile just keep doing the best I can to do what is right for me and my family.


Frank Lee Scarlet said...

Hi Sarah, it was so nice to finally meet you in person at the Matis fireside!

Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I hope you find the answers you seek.

Here's to a new year...and a new bishop!!

Anonymous said...

May the Lord bless you in all things, changes are good and a new bishop is always a good thing but also keep an open mind in all thing and hang in there because you are trly the only anchor your children have to hold on to when it comes to the gospel in their lives.

Beck said...

"I just have to let Him take it and let it go, and meanwhile just keep doing the best I can do what is right for me and my family."

That is the wisest thing you've said! Trust Him and do your best! That sounds like an answer to me.

Good to be Free said...

I don't think it is quite fair to say that Sarah is, "the only anchor your children have to hold on to when it comes to the gospel in their lives." I think perhaps you meant to say church and not gospel. I doubt Scott has left on some hedonistic sinful binge recently, Sarah correct me if I'm wrong.

Scott and Sarah are both wonderful examples of the pure gospel of Jesus Christ for many many people and their children would be wise to follow both their examples.

kim said...

Anonymous there are still two loving parents in the picture. And just because one is gay does not mean that he is not a solid anchor. Scott is still a strong loveling father and husband.

Gay Mormon said...

Amen to "Good to Be Free" and Kim's comments! It would be interesting to meet Anonymous in Person? Trying to hold judgement at bay Mr/ Ms Anonymous your comments often have a tinge of less than Christ-like Love found within their words. Perhaps this is why many of we MOHO's find it necesarry to differentiate the Church from The Gospel.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Frank. We enjoyed meeting you as well. Still trying to remember that copy of Prayers for Bobby for you--will be in touch!

Anonymous, you have kind of taken some flak here from my friends. I just wanted to let you know that when I read your comment, I did not take it the way others have. Thank you for your advice--I am doing my best to keep an open mind and keep my children in mind. As for me being the only one, they do have a lot of other support. Scott still participates in and encourages family scripture study, prayer, and FHE as much as he always has. My children also have their church teachers and leaders, great friends, grandparents, and other family members to set a good example for them. Thank goodness I am not on my own!

Beck, thanks as usual for your encouragement and wise council. I haven't been reading blogs--I hope you are well!

Scott and I have such awesome friends in this community, that are quick to defend us and help others to understand our points of view. Thanks to all of you for your support, Chris, Kim and Gay Mormon.

Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to tomorrow evening's meeting! Stay tuned for my feelings on how it unfolds.