Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Utah in Gay News

What's right with Utah

Here is a link to an interesting article in The Nation that I found the other day from Abelard's news feed.

Just wanted to share it. It is a little long, but the overall message is great, that even though Utah might have a lot against it when it comes to gay rights, we also have a lot going for us. It was encouraging to me, especially after seeing some statistics a few weeks ago from MoHoHawaii. He commented to me that we should move to Seattle to get away from attitudes in Utah :), but I firmly believe that things will only change by many people like us staying and trying to make a difference.

Anyway, give the article a glance if you are interested and have a few spare minutes.


Alan said...

Agreed. Stay and fight Sarah. BTW I love that photo.

Anonymous said...

Why Seattle? Are they quite accepting of MoHos?