Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mormon Stories Conference November 2011

I am so excited that portions of the LGBTQ Mormon Stories Conference from last Novemeber is finally becoming available on YouTube. Here is one of them. I was going to blog about the experience right after, but I never did, and I forgot so much. I am excited to re-listen and then maybe blog about the experience.

One of the most exciting things was meeting two other couples, one from Texas, one from Idaho, that are pretty much in the same situation as Scott and I. We had a wonderful lunch with them and also with another straight wife that contacted me through my blog long ago. Meeting her, and having her share with me what my email to her meant to her, was incredible.

Scott's parents even came to part of the conference. Carol Lynn Pearson continues to be one of my greatest heros. The interfaith service on Sunday morning was so touching and uplifting, and I wished that there was such a service for me to attend every Sunday!

One of the most memorable things I gleaned was from a workshop on Saturday with Lee Beckstead, where a movie clip was shared, and at the beginning of the clip was this saying: "The lotus is a flower that blooms in the mud. The thicker and deeper the mud, the more beautiful the lotus blooms."

There was also Friday night, where at a discussion with Carol Lynn Pearson and Bill Bradshaw, I finally braved the constant stream of comments and questions and shared my own heart-breaking experience with church, church leaders, church "doctrine", and church attendance, especially with children in consideration. Many thanked me for my comments, and cried with me as I cried through my words. Carol Lynn gave me an incredible hug and much encouragement.

Anyway, as more of these videos become available, I will make them available here, along with my thoughts as I have time to watch them.

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