Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A Moho friend sent me this link. Right after that I saw the link circulating on Facebook because it is so amazing. or

Amen. A million times amen. Please take a minute to at least skim it if you haven't already.

This post goes right along with the family night discussion the kids and I had this week. It occurred to me then and it does again now that although I have taught them by example not to judge people who are gay, what about teaching them NOT to judge those people who do not understand gay people and tend to judge and criticize them? That is something I can really work on. Trying not to criticize or talk badly of anyone is a main goal I need to have right now. I don't always succeed. Sometimes I have to catch myself and stop in the middle of a sentence. But with practice, it can become easier. I keep trying to remember to see all people as children of God with different upbringings and circumstances and habits and understandings. God would want me to love them all and not criticize any of them, I'm sure.

It concerns me just how much my children tend to criticize each other. It hurts me, it gives me a glimpse of God's feelings for how His children treat each other. And I'm sure my children have learned to criticize from my own example, and that really hurts.

Here's to goals and continuing to become a better and stronger person!

And here's to blog posts like the one from this mother that gives me a greater hope and faith in our world and a better tomorrow for our children.


Natalie said...

Thank you for the link to that essay. I loved it, and even though I'm like 3 months late to the party, I posted it on Facebook. The world needs more of that.

Amy said...

Thanks for that essay. It was beautiful.